Scandinavian style - the basis of KitKraken capsule collection of kitchen sinks

Capsule collection of kitchen sinks

The KitKraken capsule collection was created by Danish designers and engineers. An essential role in the development of the product was played by the inherent scrupulousness to functionality and the Danish hugge. Hugge in everything, but at the same time we Danes choose carefully and responsibly, creating the interior of our house and the kitchen. Our customer today is a discerning and demanding market player, who spends his resources thoughtfully and rationally. Based on this understanding, we have developed a stunningly bright and functional brand of KitKraken kitchen sink.


New product development involves prototyping. At this stage, we faced the necessity to create a material that would provide complex geometric shapes and a long endurability. In tandem with a team of engineers and designers, we developed a brand new material that perfectly meets our advanced requirements.

Due to its unique properties, such as the ability to work with complex shapes, the quality and uniformity of structure and color, amazing wear resistance, our Alumarine material has found widespread applications. So, Alumarine is used for the manufacture of elements of yachts and boats operating in harsh conditions. All these aspects allowed us to register officially patent protection for Alumarin material and its application technologies.

Design as part of the mythology

We created KitKraken to pay the tribute of history and influence of art on the minds of the modern generation of designers. Our products are easy to integrate into the solutions of modern kitchens. KitKraken is an accurate reading of minimalism and Scandinavian ergonomics. Caring for the convenience and functionality of your kitchen.

Our minds and knowledge are inextricably bonded up with mythology. The mythology of Scandinavia is a powerful flow of energy. So the trends of modern Danish designs are a reflection of our origins with the mighty of this flow.

More water

The basis of the Kit Kraken collection is a pentagonal bowl, so we have expanded the working volume of the bowl. Oversized kitchen utensils are easily placed in the sink. The shape of the five corners is patented by the manufacturer.

The shift of water outlet

In KitKraken models, draining the water is greatly facilitated thanks to the offset outlet to the corner of the bowl. This uniqueness allows you to use the area of the bowl as much as possible and not worry about the accumulation of water.

Great depth of sinks

The depth of the main models is 21 cm, which is about 20% more than the standard sinks on the market

Clearly defined edges

This allows you to visually distinguish the collection from the typical smoothed models of sinks that are simpler and cheaper to manufacture.



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